Online or one-off projects listed chronologically from most recent.

Hard Working Covers (2020-)

Instagram based project to fund publishing of a book. Please refer to project website here to find out how you can support.

Black Toner (2018-!)

Digital Duchamp – Found VHS Tapes (2015-!)

An online cache of snippets from all-male adult VHS movies I stumbled upon when collecting material for the #299c399d project, and in the process, became an integral part of my doctoral research.

The Found VHS Tapes tumblr blog is NSFW and tagged as adult-oriented. You will need a tumblr account to see the content. The blog spans 3 years of GIF animations, glitch frames, noise, interference, and some funny shit.


A view of Pataphorique (with GIF animations on CRT TVs from Digital.Duchamp, in The New Alpha (2018). Photo by Gui Taccetti.

Apricot Green (2016)

Air-Air (2015)

Issue #13 in Daily Life Storage, a curatorial experiment started by Kris Harzinski in 2012, collecting “physical versions of works seen on tumblr. Over time it has morphed into a series of limited edition portfolios generating an ongoing and admittedly peculiar archive centered around queer creativity.” more info here.

#299c399d (2014-15)

299 collages, 399 days, is an online project (February 2014 – April 2015) in an effort to support myself financially during the first stages of my doctorate. More info on the about page of the blog at #299c399d.

The project (now completed) contains more than 500 individual collages, and some were offered in sets and pairs through Facebook and Tumblr. Some selected image galleries below.



Mnemonic–Mimetic (2014)

A commission by Maidment Theatre (University of Auckland) completed in November 2014. A 2mx5m wall collage and décollage (including déchirage) made from the actual posters of past theatre shows that were presented within the building.


Wall collage 2mx5m at Maidment Theatre. Photo by Kim Annan.